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The Activities Building

"The Activities Building" houses all of the community activities in one permanent place, giving the participants a sense of home. Each participant will specialize and acquire skills in a chosen activity, the Building allowing a range of frameworks and areas of activity to best support the unique skills, abilities and needs of each.

In addition to the ongoing classes, we strive to add professional workshops such as: locksmith, mechanics, computer class, cooking classes, machining class, ceramics class and glassblowing.

Holding several classes in parallel in the Building spaces allows us to significantly increase the number of participants who will benefit.

Carpentry class

There are several carpentry classes adapted to different populations. The members may build items for personal use - shelves, stools, small cupboards, simple musical instruments or menorahs for the holiday. Or they may contribute to their living accommodation -- a bench for the hostel yard or a small table for a common area in the boarding school.


Since 2012, the community has been helping to operate a day center for boys on the autistic spectrum who have completed the years of compulsory education and have been left without a suitable framework. The day center was born as a result of cooperation between the parents, the kibbutz and the "Shekel" association for the integration of the disabled in community life. The initiative led to a program in which the boys are involved in various jobs in the kibbutz (orchard, dining room, laundry) two full days a week, and once a week after work they enjoy a carpentry class.


Here items are sewn to contribute to the comfort of soldiers serving in the IDF while their parents live abroad. The gifts are presented in person in an exciting encounter between these two populations.

The Children's Island 

In the heart of the orchards of Kibbutz Palmach Tzova, we have built a nature park housing challenging and educational activities for the special needs population.

The woods are wheelchair accessible and include various facilities that have been adapted for the physically disabled, such as a carousel, swing, paintball shooting range, football goalposts, art corner, oven for baking pita. The space allows a direct encounter and experience with nature.

Going crazy on wheels

Helicopters and a submarine on wheels!

These provide the experience of traveling in nature with vehicles that are built or renovated for accessibility by the association's members. We receive the vehicles as a donation and adapt them for an unforgettable experience for those with special needs and especially the physically limited.

Palmach campsite

A tent complex designed to accommodate soldiers doing navigation training in the area. In return for the hospitality, meetings are held between the soldiers and the special needs population, an important and exciting meeting for both parties.

Caffe Shaveh – Worthy Coffee House

Once a month we invite various populations -- those with special needs (blind, deaf, physically disabled) and those without -- to meet face-to-face in a relaxed environment for conversation, good food, music or other entertainment.

Spice greenhouses and agriculture experience 

In the greenhouses, the participants learn to grow plants and spices which are then incorporated into their everyday culinary experience.

Our friends 

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